By :Shadae walker


Bullying is something that happens to new kids to a school or even persons that have been there before , it is when kids get beat up for being normal or there self ,sometimes bullying happens when other kids wear certain clothes shoes our even if they don't have any clothes maybe there repeating the same pants or the same sweater everyday until their parents can afford new clothes for them to wear to school.


Bullying makes people feel depress inside and makes them want to cry

bullying makes them want to  kill them self because of how they feel 

some kids or teenagers don't talk about what they feel and how they feel

Types of bullying include verbal , physical , cyber ,etc..........



My topic happens when student , office worker , or teenager gets beat up or gets in a fight for no reason some new kids come  to school and as they set  foot in class or on the school first set of steps they start to hear names or they get gang up by people who they don't know My topic is basically saying that kids that get bullied don't get bullied for just there clothes or what they wear or what they look like is what other say or talk about ,when kids get talked about and goes all around the school instead of a gossip it turn into a gang then a stacker and then the person might end up dead  or kidnaped but to stop this from happening

symptoms/signs of my topic!!!

when someone gets ganged on

when someone gets picked on stacked

when someone gets beat for no reason

bullied can be contributed in different kind of ways it can be verbal, physical ,cyber etc.......

when someone gets up or name called because of being there self or unique

people who help and what they do to help in my topic

people who help persons suffering from my topic are people who have been through the situation and understands how it feels to be hurt inside and outside those persons who help them thumbs up to you guys because you are the reason that some kid start to stand up for them self and know that god will see them through every bully and situation, those people include : Parents , Teachers , Grandparents especially grandma , Pastors , Guidance counselor , etc........ ,and thank you for encouraging them with there problem and helping them. that includes the special persons that help people with there bullying problems

why is it important for people to know about my topic?

It is important for people to know about my topic because it is important for them to know that kids might be in the situation or already in it from them to read  this article is to give a feeling that they should talk to there child or children and see what's going on in there school life even if your not a parent and you know someone getting bullied talk to them or them see this article.

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