The First American to Orbit Earth

By Gemma Nguyen

His life

John Herschel Glenn Jr. was born in Cambridge , Ohio, July 18 1921. He was in fact, the first American to orbit Earth! Also his spacecraft was called 'Friendship7'.

His father , Sir Fredric William Herschel and aunty Caroline Lucretia Herschel, were also into astronomy.  In 1942, John Herschel Glenn Jr. entered the U.S. Marine Corps, he was a pilot in World War 11 (1941-1945), plus the Korean War (1950-1953). He became a test pilot, and then chose to be an astronaut in 1959.       He then resigned in 1964.

3 Interesting Facts

  • 1974-1999, became U.S. Senator
  • 1984- ran U.S. president- left race failing to win first round elections
  • 1988- returned to space- became the oldest person to travel to space

John Herschel Glenn Jr's significant contribution:

John Herschel Glenn Jr.'s significant contribution was that on the 20th February 1962, he orbited Earth three times.

  • Probably took photos on the way - helps scientist research more about the surroundings of Earth and, also, it gives information about Earth
  • Gives an ideas to people/scientist on how big Earth is
  • He went in a spacecraft - gives an idea on how fast you can travel in a spacecraft

So his signficant contribution is that it helps scientist with information about Earth.

How has this affected peoples lives today?

John Herschel Glenn Jr. became the oldest person to travel to space. I think that tells people that if you have a dream, just go for it. Don't stop because of your your age just keep going, never stop.

1964- resigned as an astronaut, 1984- U.S. president. I think that means that just because you stopped one of your dreams, doesn't mean you can't do something else.

Thank you

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