Come Back To Me

Shruti I really don't know how u will react to this but still i will take a chance and express my feelings to you. I know that I have made several mistakes in the last couple months and I wish that I could take them all back. So many things happened so fast. I would give anything to go back to those times. But shruti that is all past now which actually cannot be changed. I have learnt a very valuable lesson out of this. I came to know how important u are to me. I do realize my mistake and i have really gone through a lot of pain in this realization process. I have literally cried and wept all day. Slept for less than 5 hrs in 3 nights. I cannot bare this separation between us any more. The change in you is actually killing me. The pain I am experiencing is a lot more than the pain that can actually kill me. Sweetheart along with those bad times, we also had good times. You gave me another chance which under any circumstances will not go in vain. But along with this chance, there came a very new shru rather a very different one. My baby, I know you are still inside there my very loved old shru. Your sweetu is getting weak and is slowly being killed by this new shru. Come back to me. I am still that very old sweetu of yours. Try to recollect the good times. It will reduce your anger. please forgive me completely n let me work on it this time. Give me a good and fair chance in this.


Your loveSanket S Shenvi

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