Martin Luther

Kayla Bergsten

1483-1546 (Age 62)

Personality Traits

Aggressive, courageous, genuine, compulsive, brash

Physical Traits

Luther was described as having a strong mouth, squat neck,

and large body


  • 95 Thesis- 95 things he didn't like about the church
  • Translated bible into German
  • Wrote hymns
  • His teachings became a branch of Christianity called Lutheranism

Family Life

Luther married Katharina Von Bora and had 6 children with her

Social Class

Luther was considered in the middle class


Luther was in law school before becoming a priest

95 Theses Reaction

Luther was judged in an event called the Diet of Worms, and was considered a Heretic (someone against Christianity). He would be arrested, punished and possibly killed. It was illegal for anyone to give him food, water or shelter. It was even legal for someone to kill him if they came across him. However, Luther fled the city before the decision was made

After The Diet of Worms

After his posting of the 95 theses, Luther was considered an outlaw after the Diet of Worms. Frederick the 3rd (an early defender of Luther) took Luther in a planned 'kidnapping' and hid him in his Wartberg castle, where Luther translated the bible into German

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