Video Production

session 1:

In this session, we learned all of the basic operations of the camcorder. Also, we learned how to video and other stuff needed to know in order to do session 2.

session 2:

In this session we wrote our own new brief and we filmed it. Instead of only writing one, we wrote two. Then after that we examined the different types of video production.

session 3:

In this session, we created and planned out our own Public Service Announcement. We used the Student Module Notebook to pick a PSA. We also explored communications technology.

Session: 4

In this session we recorded out Public Service Announcement. Then, once we were finished that, we edited it.

Session 5:

In this session, we explored how video influences people. We did our storyboard on Bobs's Burger Barn. Also, we created a storyboard.

session 6:

In this session, we filmed the story board created in session 5. After we did this, we uploaded it to the computer. Then we edited it.

Session 7:

In this session, we completed the Post Test. After that, we combined all of the videos that we have made throughout the module. Then we burned them onto a CD.


A related career to this module could be a producer. In order to have this career, you must know the steps taken to create a movie or TV show. This module will walk you through step by step.

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