Car Insurance Quotes: Stay Aware While Evaluating Sites

Price comparison sites have sprung up everywhere on the net, nowhere more so than in the world of Insurance and particularly car insurance which is mandatory to buy if you drive a car. The benefit of these online insurance quotes sites is that they are a sort of one-stop shop where you plug in your details and get served up a cheap quote from a database of insurance companies.

But can you trust the car insurance price comparison sites? Do they really save you money?

How price comparison car insurance sites work?

They ask you to put in your personal details (date of birth, gender, the type of car etc) and they then churn through their database looking for a quote, and serve up the cheapest car insurance quotes.

The hope is that once you have found your cheap quote, you click through to the insurer concerned and purchase, and the insurer will provide the price comparison site with a commission for introducing you.

The drawbacks of car insurance comparison sites:

They aren't really impartial, though they make a great play of saying "we don't have adverts on our site". They don't need adverts (which pay peanuts), when they get commission for introducing buyers to the insurance companies! In addition the "best sellers" list tend to actually be sponsored by the insurers - i.e. the insurer has paid to be listed.

The worst crime of all is that their database is often incomplete - for instance none of the car insurance comparison sites in India give an absolute claim about giving a guaranteed cheap car insurance as shown on the site.

There is also such a plethora of car insurance sites which requires customers to have a guide to which price comparison site works best.

One final drawback from a personal privacy point of view is that some sites you to register with them before they can provide you with a quote. This can be the notorious sham car insurance sites pretending to give you a quote after registering but actually want to acquire data from you for their purpose.

What you should do?

There is nothing wrong with using car insurance comparison sites to search for quotes as long as you are aware that they are reliable and certified.

The best thing to do is to Google for a list of car insurers, print the list out and then check to see if the price comparison sites have them in their database to ensure their credibility.

Mark on your list the insurers that have been omitted and be sure to visit their sites directly to see what kind of quote they can offer. Also check the main newspaper sites for listings of insurers. Yes, it will take a little longer, but you could potentially save yourself a lot of money by broadening your search.

Keep an eye on the mainstream press for special offers from the insurers too. All these things will help you buy the right car insurance.