Wonderful Vila Velha


Vila Velha

         I love talking about my city! I was born in Vitoria, but I lived all my life in other city that I consider as my hometown. It is called Vila Velha which means "old town" in English because it was the first city to be discovered in Espirito Santo state. With approximately 500,000 habitants, the city has the biggest population of the state. Its localization is in Southeast of Brazil, where there are 32Km of beautiful and amazing beaches with golden sands and clear waters. An important tourist place is Convento da Penha that is a big church, located on top of a forest hill. The church is 455 years and there we can have a complete view of Vila Velha and the island capital Vitoria with another postcard which is the Terceira Ponte (Third Bridge.) Also, we have Gloria, the biggest and most important mall outside with thousands of stores that is possible to find everything to buy. Next to Gloria there is Garoto, a chocolate company very famous in Brazil even as many others countries as well. However, Vila Velha has its downside as the traffic jam. In the rush hour, to get the way to go the Terceira Ponte is almost impossible. Probably, the number of the car is bigger than the capacity of the streets, contributing for a long waiting in the traffic. Nevertheless, the people who live there are very happy and friendly. Vila Velha has a wonderful weather like summer time all year, when the maximum could be 40 oC and the minimum in the year could be 16 oC. Vila Velha is a fantastic city that everybody should visit it.

Convento da Penha
Garoto Chocolate Company
Traffic Jam at Terceira Ponte
Itapoa Beach at night