K. Kirkman

Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Telephone - 1875

The telephone was important to people because it helped to increase communication. People wouldn't have to send letters or sail across the seas to send someone a message. Alexander Graham Bell revolutionized the way we all communicate with one another.

Phonograph - 1877

Thomas Edison's phonograph was used to produce music. It's an early record player and was one of Edison's first inventions. Listeners could sing, dance, or just listen to the music that came through from this invention.

Typewriter - 1873

Christopher Sholes built the first commercially successful typewriter. The typewriter made it easier to write letters, books, magazines, etc. This invention helped people write stories and letters, and we still use the same concept today for our writing.

Automatic Lubricator - 1872

Elijah McCoy's automatic lubricator (for steam engines) helped trains run faster. Helping the train run faster with McCoy's invention meant for less maintenance. 50 of Elijah's 57 patents had to do with automatic lubrication.

Carbon Filament - 1882

Lewis Latimer invented a carbon filament for Edison's light bulb. This carbon filament allowed light bulbs to light longer and last. Latimer worked with several famous inventors for several different inventions but the carbon filament was one of his most famous inventions.

Automatic Dishwasher - 1886

Although the dishwasher was already patented by Joel Houghton, Josephine Cochrane wanted a dishwasher that wouldn't harm her dishes. Cochrane's dishwasher fit most dishes and didn't chip them as much as the original dishwashers would. A motor turned a wheel inside the machine and hot soapy water squirted from the bottom, then the washing would begin.

Hand Held Camera - 1888

The first hand held camera, also known as the Kodak, was invented by George Eastman. The Kodak camera was the first camera designed specifically for roll film. This invention revolutionized the way that people take photos and how much we use cameras in our daily lives.

Gasoline-powered Automobile - 1893

The Duryea brothers (Charles and J.Frank) invented one of the most famous inventions of all time, the first gasoline -powered automobile. This invention made it so much more efficient for people to travel. The automobile allowed people to travel without worrying about caring for their horses. We still use gasoline-powered automobiles today!

Airplane - 1903

Two brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, created one of the most revolutionary inventions ever. They created an airplane with three-axis control, allowing them to soar with aircraft controls. The Wright brothers invented a balanced aircraft.

Light Bulb - 1879

Thomas Edison invented and patented over 1000 inventions, but his light bulb would go down in history as one of his best. The light bulb was used by almost everyone during the time and is still used today. This invention was marvelous to viewers and created lights that were better than a candle or oil lamp.

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