Skype vs. FaceTime

Grace Longmuir


Skype was created in 2003 by Dane Janus Friis and Swede Niklas Zennstrom.  In September of 2005, Ebay saw the potential Skype had and bought it for $2.6 billion.  In 2009 the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board acquired 65% of Skype at $1.9 billion. Finally, in May of 2011, Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion.


  • It can be used on almost any device (phone, computer, tablet)
  • Two way Skype video calls are free!
  • Most well-known video call software
  • Calls to land line or mobile phones can be made using Skype Credit
  • Easy to set up


  • Many users have reported severe quality issues
  • Many corporate and government administrators have banned Skype due to hacking issues
  • Doesn't offer language translation
Skype Home Page


FaceTime was first announced in June of 2007 by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.  It is a free app for all Apple products.  As of 2013, FaceTime is VOIP, which means you can get service  through 3G or LTE, you no longer have to have WiFi connection.


  • Free! (with an Apple product)
  • Can have long distance video conferences
  • Can be used with your Apple ID
  • No quality issues


  • Can only work with Apple products
  • Only available on Apple devices with iOS
  • Uses a large amount of data
  • Doesn't fully support cellular calls
FaceTime Call

And the Winner is...

Skype has 300 million active users, with 4.9 million daily users.  Skype is available on a plethora of different platforms, such as Androids, iPhones, PCs, and tablets.  This creates a wider user base and easier access to Skype.  Skype also provides video calling, instant messaging and also calls to land line or mobile phones.  In the end, Skype is the more practical video software, especially for those who do not own Apple products.  

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