Delaney' science project


A mixture forms when two or more materials are mixed together.  Sometimes the parts of a mixture can be separated easily.  A fruit salad is a example of a mixture. It is easy separated the parts of a fruit salad picking different pieces of a fruit.  Some mixtures have parts.The materials that make up a solution are vary well mixed.For example,salt water is a solution that is made of salt water.The salt and water are broken down into the tiniest possible pieces.  The two materials cannot be separated easily.

    Some drinks are examples of solutions.  Many people add sugar to their drinks.  When sugar is first added to iced tea, it sinks to the bottom of the glass.  The sugar and iced tea are not well mixed.  However, if the drink is stirred long enough,  the sugar seems to disappear.  The sugar dissolves in the iced tea.  When a material didolves in a solution, it serpareates into tiny specks too smaoll to separeate.

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