Connor Wells
Halkuff/ core 3


The three things that we did during meditation was to pretend that we had a animal friend and we walked to a garden with a huge gate and then planted all of the good things in our life and then we walked down to a lake and threw a rock of the bad things in our life out into the lake. We also worked on our breathing and our posture to make sure we did it right. Last we listened to a woman's voice to imagine a wave drifting down into our body.

Before I tried meditation I did not think that it would work. During our meditation I felt very relaxed and tired. Yes I would try meditation again by myself because I thought that it really help me relax and calm down.


Meditation- Meditation is a way to relax and calm down in a very easy way. To meditate you have to sit up with good posture and breathe in and breathe out slowly and keep your eyes closed, and just relax.

Mantra- A mantra is a word that is repeated during meditation { comes from Buddhism and Hinduism}. To do a mantra you have to choose a short word and just repeat it many times as you are breathing out.

Deep breathing- Deep breathing is when you take long breaths deep from the bottom of your stomach. All that you do when trying to deep breathe is just breathe slowly and relax.

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