Sierra Sullivan

I am a person who loves to run, running is something I have loved every since I was little. I don't run every day as I would like to, but I run when I can especially when there's a lot on my mind. Running is my way of not only exercising but burning my thoughts an refreshing myself in a physical way. I don't do any school activities with running because I don't see a point if i'm running for myself anyway.

Three things that represent me?


I love watching movies, usually that's how my weekends are spent if i'm not running. Movies make me emotional, only when they are sad though any others I don't think I really care about. Movies are my thing when i'm home sick with my huge hoodies an tons of blankets. Some of my friends have gotten me movies for my birthday or Christmas, an I those days were one of the happiest days of my life an I will love them forever. I mostly watch action movies an rarely romance movies but those are okay to..... sometimes.


Taking pictures of random things seems to amuse me more than you would think. I like making things look pretty in my image. My aunts a photographer, I love watching her work an the websites she works with. Seeing her work is how I feel in love with photography.

Surfing / Beaches

Over the summer I recently learned how to surf. It was extremely fun even when I hurt myself it was still fun. When I was little my dad always use to take my to the beach so I kinda grew up around it. I love to swim every since I was 6 an my dad taught me how, that was the scariest day of my life but was really worth it.

My Goals!!!

Learn how to rap the song rap god!!

I wanna be able to talk super fast with out messing up. I figure learning rap god would be the way to learn how. Eminem is also one of my favorite rappers in all time. An maybe talking really really fast to my friends or saying the alphabet as fast as I can might help me succeed that goal.

Travel the world after high school before going to college.

I want to travel the world a little after high school before going to college. I don't wanna do it alone, I plan on doing it with a group of friends, so in case we get lost in Japan I wont be alone. I plan on saving up money for this very big trip in order for it to happen.

Grow a perfect flower.

I wanna grow a flower with out it dying. I cant grow a flower worth my life with out it dying. I'm starting to think maybe its my existence kills it, but I don't know. maybe paying more attention to it might make it feel better.

A place I want to go.

When i'm out of high school, one of the places I want to go is Jamaica. Its pretty amazing, also a good place to surf at. I would like to look into Jamaican history, there's a bunch of weird things there. I want to go cliff jumping to, it sounds so fun, but there's only 2 reasons I want to go there but I think there bother worth going for.

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