History shall repeat.

Tolerance Unit Final Project.

World War II

Will you prevent the horrors to come? George Santayana, a philosopher once said a wise saying, " Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." History tends to repeat itself, so we should be careful to prevent something disastrous happening.

To begin with, The Wave was not just an ordinary high school club, it was much more. "I didn't say I was bothered by it. I just said it's over now. Forget about it. Forget about it. It happened once and the the world learned its lesson. It'll never happen again." (Pg. 21) The Wave by: Todd Strasser. This shows irony, for soon (further along in the story it did happen again.) History repeats itself.

The kids that had joined The Wave sorta became like Nazis in a way; discriminating against anyone who was not ' one of them '. So in the end, our past does come back to haunt us, until we have learned the consequences, and learned to understand it.

For instance, if children learn from the past and improved the future, why not you? From what we have learned from Paper Clips (a documentary) is that teaching people the past helps you understand the future. In Paper Clips, when the students had learned their past, they wanted to improve the future. So they repeated what the Norwegians did to protest against Jews having to wear stars.

Jews wearing the Star of David.

The students did this for the memory of what had happened during the Holocaust, and to show their care for the lives taken, with paper clips. Students that took part in Paper Clips, have learned the past and even revised the future, so people can remember to enhance the forthcoming, from your previous mistakes.

Students collecting paper clips.

Further on, will forest animals do the same as many Germans did during The Holocaust? "But life went on almost as before. Until the day the Terrible Things came back." -Eve Bunting, Terrible Things. (This was after the Terrible Things took any creature with feathers on its back and nobody did anything to stop them). This shows us that bad things, or your mistakes repeat unless you stop it from happening. Your mistakes will come back to haunt you until you have learned what to do next time or to prevent it from happening. Just as bad things, or your mistakes, repeats if you don't correct it, so will history. So if you can't learned your mistakes, it will come back to haunt you.

History tends to repeat itself, so we should be careful to prevent something disastrous happening. Learning from our mistakes help it from not repeating. We should all try our hardest to learn from our faults and our past so they won't happen again.

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