Animism is really close to the nature, they worship the spirits of nature. They started in Africa. When Animism was first thought of there really wasn't anyone writing down the historical development of the traditional Animism. There are really two main beliefs to follow and look into, one is all things- living and non-living - have a spirit. Be respectful of the spirits of all things. the second one is, One's ancestors serve as an important link between the present world and the spiritual world. Call on them for help- offer sacrifices to them to make them happy. Animism really affects the culture really well, people tend to demonstrate great understanding of nature, and usually show a great reverence for ancestors that have passed on to the spiritual world.

as you see in this picture they believe in spirits of animals and humans, they live by respecting nature and their relatives spirits.


Shintoism started in japan around 600 bc

they believe all spirits of " kami" exists in all

they have a great respect for nature and natural world

they also respect there past emperor's

they have plenty of shrines around

emphasises man's essential goodness.

this is a symbol for a shrine


Started in India and also stayed in India.

The holy text is called Vedas.

They believed in reincarnation- one ones soul is reborn into another form until perfection.

They try to lead a good life and behave in order to meet perfection

They have many forms of gods

It is the dominant religion of the Indian subcontinent

Hinduism, with about one billion followers is the world's third largest religion, after Christianity and Islam.


Buddhism started in India but moved in to China, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan.

Buddhism started a little after 600 B.C.

Main belief was to end your suffering by ending your desires.

They learn to accept what they have.

Buda is there god.

Buddhism is also recognized as one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

Buda is recognized by Buddhists as an awakened or enlightened teacher who shared his insights to help sentient beings end their suffering through the elimination of ignorance by way of understanding and the seeing of dependent origination.


It is originated out of China.

It started at 600 B.C.

The famous text is called Tao Te Ching

One belief is to follow the way of nature (accept the ways you cant change)

They do NOT challenge the natural process

They accept things as they come

Tao- means the way

began by a man named Lao- Tse


It originated in china

The holy text is Analects

It began in 600 B.C.

Main belief is that all people need to accept their role in society

They have a great deal of respect for parents elders and country.

A man named Confucius started it.

Confucianism became the guiding philosophy of the Chinese culture for many generations.


It started in the Middle East

The holy text is Torch first five books of the old testament

They are monotheism

God will send a Messiah who will save them some day

Try to follow Gods laws so that the Messiah will come

It started in around 1200 B.C.

It began by the Hebrew people in the fertile cresent


It originated in the Middle East

The holy text it the bible(new/old)

It started at 1 A.D.

They are monotheism

Jesus Christ is the son of god and he is the Messiah

They had simple rules so it was easy for people to understand

The Roman Province of Judea is the one who started it

The roman empire spread it then later the Europeans did.


It started in the Middle East further detail it was in the city of Mecca

The famous text is Qur'an(koran)

They were also monotheism

There main belief was follow Allah in all things above anything else.

It is also the youngest religion starting in around 700 A.D

What helped spread the religion was that the Arab were great warriors

The man who made Islam was named Mohamed.

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