Australian Voices

Australian Stereotypes & Voices

A stereotype is a label put on a group of people or things based on an opinion of those people or things that was created from a personal experience, it is metaphorical label used by society that isn't always true. Two examples of Australian stereotypes are that all Australian's have BBQ's regularly & that they are an Australian thing to do. This is quiet accurate though as if you were to survey how many Australian's have BBQ's & how many use them regularly, the number would average that over 60-70% use & own BBQ's. Another stereotype in Australia is that we all speak like 'bogans'. this stereotype on the hand is not so correct, as only about 10% of the population of Australia speak with an off toned accent.

Stereotypes can be damaging to a person or group because they can damage the reputation of a certain person or group. Most stereotypes about people of groups of people usually aren't correct, they are just based on one's personal experience with someone of a certain group or a individual person. This then creates a rippled effect & the word spreads about that experience thus creating a stereotype about a certain person or group which could give off the wrong impression of them then affecting their future life.  

Three examples of different accents in Australia are the Broad Australian English, General Australian English & the Cultivated Accent. Only 10% of Australian's use the broad english in the way that they speak & the same with the cultivated accent. The other 80% speak with a general/standard accent when they speak in the way that they address people & pronounce things. I feel that I use the general english as I am a middle class person in Australia & do not need to use an upbeat vocabulary. I believe the way I was brought up in a not so 'posh' family & the way my parents speak have to do with the way I speak. Seeing the way people around me speak influence the way I speak as well.