Taylor Szymchack's E-Portfolio

To Whom It May Concern:

The portfolio in front of you represents who I am- a smart, hard-working individual who is very emotionally intelligent. I love learning about new technology and ideas that can help create a more efficient life for each and every one of us. When there are problems surrounding me, I am the person who gets called on to fix them. Most people would walk away from things they don’t know a lot about, but I love the challenge. If I don’t know the answer to a question that I’ve been asked, I WILL find it.

During my High School career, I was able to get ahead in my credits which resulted in me taking more advanced classes that were career related. I attended the Jackson Area Career Center where I studied Sales, Marketing, and business psychology. If you asked most people who came in contact with me at the Career Center, they would describe me as being hard-working, caring, emotionally intelligent, and a great leader. I take pride in every piece of work that is front of me because I believe that everything that one encounters, teaches you something valuable.

After I graduate, I plan on pursing a Business/Marketing related degree at Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida. I have also received a scholarship offer to participate in the Track and Field program which I intend on doing. Compared to most students my age, I am leaps and bounds ahead of them in the business field. During my tender at Northwood University, I intend to sharpen all of my business skills that way I can have a competitive edge coming out of college into the work force.

As you browse my portfolio, please pay attention to each and every one of the obstacles I have tackled and mastered during my High School academic career. I hope you enjoy it!

Academic Skills

This is a promotion project that I composed in my career-related class, Sales and Marketing. It contains over 12 different slides of factual informational and promotion ideas. This shows that I can use a variety of information sources such as: manuals, maps, charts, and graphs to complete a job.

Personal Management Skills

This is the main interface of the Napoleon Community Schools Facebook page. The district’s administrators have granted me the job of maintaining and attracting users to this social media page. By doing this on my own-will, it shows that I can demonstrate safety and self-control where minimum directions and supervision is given.

At my school, Napoleon High School, I am considered the school-wide tech guy. Teachers/students come to me when they need assistance in anything that relates to technical/social systems. If I do not know the solution, I work until I find it. This shows that I understand complex systems, including social and technical systems, and work well with a variety of technology.

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