7E_Digital Editing

TEAMWORK by Taleeha

This is a caption of safety supplies. The safety is in the suits and planning that nothing will happen.


This is my edited version of my previous photo. I sharpened the colour, added a overlay, a old film frame and a focuson the middle of the photos.

this is a photo of safety in glasses.They are most common in construction sites and dangerous jobs or activities.

this represents safety in a emergency with the glasses alarm siren and light.

this is the edited version. I've sharpened the colour, put a overlay on it,a rusty black border and wrote the words 'BE SAFE'.  

this is a example of a bunch of safety in a fire emergency.

A edited photo I've  added a border, brought out the colour in the red and wrote the words 'FIRE SAFETY'

this is a collage of my edited photos about safety as you can see on the photo.

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