Making Inferences

Abby Salmon

Making and inference is to draw a conclusion from facts or observations and ideas assumed to be true.

For example:

"Everyday animals are abused in their homes or on the streets. It seems as if politicians do nothing to stop this issue. Everyone is worried about education and global warming. What about animals? Just because they cannot talk to us, does not mean that we should ignore them? Animals, like us Americans, have rights." after reading this paragraph, we can infer that the author of the article "Animal Abuse: Should More Be Done?" supports animal's rights and and think not enough is being done to help them. This is a valid inference because they are saying that animals have rights.

"I don’t wear bikinis, and none of my skirts or shorts end above my knees. That is my choice." From reading this section from an article called "The Skirt" from, we can infer that the narrator is very modest because she doesn't like to wear revealing clothes.

From this image, I can infer that since all of the birds are looking at one bird in the crowd, then that one bird may have farted.

From this image, I can infer that since this man a little chunky and he is looking at donuts, he probably ate too many donuts.

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