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Weather Facts

Here's a link named Weather Wiz Kids. It has more facts about weather information.

Jet stream

  • The jet stream is a fast flowing, river of air.
  • It is found in the atmosphere at around 12km above the surface of the Earth just under the tropopause.
  • They form at the boundaries of adjacent air masses with significance differences such in temperature.


  • Wind is created when two different air masses meet.
  • Wind is air in motion.
  • There are two factor necessary to specify wind:speed and direction

Global Wind Patterns

  • At the equator, air is heated and rises, leaving low pressure areas behind.
  • Moving to about 30 degrees north and south of the equator, the warm air from the equators begins to cool and sink.
  • Most of the cooling sinking air moves back to the equator,
  • The rest moves towards the poles

Prevailing Westerlies

  • Between 30 and 60 degrees latitude, the winds that move to the poles appear to curve to the east.
  • Prevailing Westerlies in the Northern Hemisphere are responsible for many of the weather movements across the United States and Canada.

Sea Breeze

  • A differential heating of land and sea leads to the development of local winds called sea breezes.
  • When air above the land surface is heated by radiation from the Sun, it expands and begins to rise, being lighter than the surrounding air.
  • To replace the rising air, cooler air is drawn in from above the surface of the sea.

Land Breezes

  • A land breeze occurs at night when the land cools faster than the sea.
  • it is air above the warmer surface water that is heated and rises, pulling in air from the cooler land surface.

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