By: Bayli Tilley

Bullying is very serious. 160,000 kids miss school each day in fear of getting bullied that day. “According to bullying statistics 2010, there are about 2.7 million students being bullied each year by about 2.1 students taking on the roll of the bully.”(www.bullyingstatistics.org) Most kids think they aren't bullying a kid by just "messing" with them.

Everyone has either been bullied, been a bully, seen bullying, or just heard about bullying. “...about one in seven students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade is either a bully or has been a victim of bullying.”(www.bullyingstatistics.org) You may think that's not a lot, but in reality it is.

Bullying is the leading cause of school shootings. The kids that are the shooters are getting revenge on the bullies. "A reported 15 percent of all students who don't show up for school report it to being out of fear of being bullied while at school."(www.bullyingstatistics.org) Bullying is getting to the point where kids don't want to go to school. Parents are just going to start homeschooling their kids because it's getting to the point where parents are also scared for their kids now a days. "One out of every 20 students has seen a student with a gun at school."(www.bullyingstatistics.org)

1 in 10 kids change schools or drop out because of repeated bullying. "Some of the top years for bullying include 4th through 8th graders in which 90 percent were reported as victims of some kind of bullying."(www.bullyingstatistics.org) Another way to stop bullying is kids decide to take their own lives. “Suicide rates are continuing to grow among adolescents, and have grown more than 50 percent in the past 30 years.”(www.bullystatistics.org) Bullycide means someone committed suicide because of bullying.

Celebrities have even gone through bullying. So if you think you are the only one you aren't. “About thirty percent of students in the United States are involved in bullying on a regular basis either as a victim, bully or both.”(www.bullyingstatistics.org) Most kids that are bullied they won't speak up, they won't tell anyone, and they keep to themselves.

Cyber bullying: is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. “About 80 percent of all high school students have encountered being bullied in some fashion online.” (www.bullyingstatistics.org) People feel more comfortable talking bad about someone online because it's not face to face so they think it's not as important. “About 35 percent of teens have been actually threatened online."(www.bullystatistics.org) People think that what they say online doesn't matter.

Bullying is a serious matter for kids and teens. Bullying needs to stop. Think before you say the next thing.