Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society

From watching the documentary "Supersize me" it has really opened my eyes to how big the problem of obesity really is. Obesity is the second biggest preventable disease in the United States. The issue of obesity was presented in the documentary

Obesity being the second largest preventable disease behind smoking is taking away too many lives. An estimated 400 000 people in the United States loose their life every year due to obesity. Just under 30 million people in the United States suffer from diabetes and this is still a growing number. McDonalds operates 30 000 restaurants alone in the United States of America. One in every four Americans visit a fast food restaurant every day. In one part of the documentary people were asked to sing the American national Anthem but they didn't even know all the words but when they were asked to sing a fast food stores theme song they knew all the words. Morgan Spurlock tested tested a few children with pictures of famous people there was when George Washingtons picture came up none of the children knew who he was but when Ronald McDonald came up as the next picture they instantly knew who he was. I dont think that the American schools are educating their children enough on having a healthy diet and getting all the right nutrition that they need which leads them on to eating unhealthy foods and then getting diabetes later on in life.

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