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    This school is about us! When people walk on our campus they need to "feel" something. YOU need to give a "BAM" effect. Be at your door and give them the "BAM!" and shake hands. Students need to feel good about themselves. What do you want your students to feel in your classroom? ***make a connection and make them believers***

    Teach and model....shaking hands, eye contact....whatever you want..make it happen!!

    Principal Kafele (I met him at my conference...hee hee) stated 4 key points.....

    1)Environment for Learning - Do you provide your students with a learning environment of excellence? What is the evidence that you provide them with the learning environment of excellence?

    2) Attitude - Do you believe in your students? What do you believe about them?

    3) Relationship - Do you know your students? Their goals, challenges and motivations? What about yourself relates to them?

    4) Compassion - Do you care about your students?Do they perceive that you care?

    Parent Leader Camp -April 24th  - 5:30-6:30

    Leadership Day - May 15th -  8:30-11

    Parent Leadership Day - May 20th  8:30-10:30

    This Week....

    Monday: Kdg- 2nd Dance Practice; Chorus; MTSS Administration


    Wednesday: LLT

    Thursday: Fire Drill

    Friday:Parent Leader Camp 5:30

    Coming Up...

    Monday: 3rd-5th Dance Practice;Chorus; Shipwreck Money Due

    Tuesday: K-Kids

    Wednesday: Leader of the Month

    Thursday:Leader of the Month


    Happy Birthday

    4/24 Laura Wright


    How can you be proactive in your pursuit of your vision for your classroom and life?

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    2 years ago

    Hmmm, Attitude, relationship, and compassion...wonder where those fit in according to the Danielson rubric?!

    2 years ago

    Domain 2 Classroom Environment