Thanksgiving 2012

No, no, no... this is the most wonderful time of the year.

A surprisingly traditional menu:

Hands down my favorite holiday, I spent a couple years not jazzed about Thanksgiving and cooking that big, fat dinner. I played it low key last year, renewed my love of, well, cooking en masse. I had fun with some dishes, kept some simple, but the end result is a fairly traditional (which is non-traditional for me!) spread. This one's for you, Lisa Chiu!

The bird: Cider-glazed turkey with a simple mushroom-porto gravy

Taters: Mashed maple-glazed sweet potatoes, plain ol' mashed and a cheesy dish

Plantlife: Green beans with shallots, maple-ginger (yes, I love real maple) roasted veggies + pecans

Stuffs: Buttermilk biscuit and mushroom stuffing and traditional herb-roasted stuffing

Fruits: cranberry-apple conserve and, well, autumn sangria chock fulla fruit!

Grains: butternut squash and chestnut parmesan risotto

Pre-gaming: cured meats, lemongrass spring rolls and Ryan's Aunt Vicki's deviled eggs

Sips: Pomegranate prosecco spitz and, well, that autumn sangria chock ful of fruit!

Sweet endings: French-press coffee, pumpkin pie, Bryn's TBA and capirotada bread pudding

Tackk it up!