1-Who was he? Who were his parents?

Hephaestus was the son of Zeus and Hera. To start with, he was the only god physically ugly. Also, he was the god of fire and smiths. Besides that, Hephaestus was a hard-worker, peace-loving god and was very fond of his mother. Finally, he was the pattern of craftsman, more skilled with his hands than any other god and mortals alike.

2-Why he was taken out of the Olympus?

Hephaestus was taken out of the Olympus because once he had dared to step between his quarreling parents. He sided with Hera, and that made Zeus so angry that he seized his son by the legs and flung him out of the Olympus, for a whole day Hephaestus hurtled through the air. In the evening he fell on the island of Lemons, with a thump so hard that the island shook. Thetis, a sea goddess, found him all broken and nurse him back to health.

3-After he returned to the Olympus, what did Hephaestus do?

When Hephaestus returned to the Olympus, he built some gold and silver robots to help him walk and work. He also forged
inside volcanoes on Earth.  His below helpers, the one-eyed Cyclops, worked and swung their hammers.  When Hephaestus worked, the din of his hammers were heard from miles.

4-Who was his wife?

Hephaestus’ wife was Aphrodite.  He made her a magic belt that made every god that looked at her felt instantly in love with Aphrodite.

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