Week 10: Chrome Extensions

Most of the Techy Tools I've shared in this series have been browser-agnostic, meaning you could use them in any browser. This week will be a bit different. Chrome Extensions are mini-programs or applications that add new functionality to the Google Chrome internet browser.

This week, I'm splitting the 21 Techy Tools into two emails (because there's THAT MUCH awesomeness.) In the video below, I share some general information about Chrome Extensions and then share three of my favorites. Scroll down to read more about them and click the links to find them in the Chrome Store.

The Extensions featured in the video can be found by clicking the hyperlinks in the descriptions below. Remember you must use Google Chrome as your web browser for these to work.


Adblock does exactly what it name suggests. It BLOCKS ADS on webpages. I don't see adds on Facebook, YouTube, or Google anymore. It's FABULOUS. Occasionally I do run into a site where a video won't play because they require you to watch the ads (boooo!), but then I can easily turn off Adblock for just that site.

Google Dictionary

Do you or your students ever encounter words on a website that you aren't familiar with? You could look up the word on a search engine or even in a {paper} dictionary! The Google Dictionary extension allows you to quickly get the definition and pronunciation without leaving that page. Just double-click on the word to get the information!


Extensity is a must for anyone that that uses more than 3 or 4 extensions. It allows users to quickly and easily enable or disable your extensions. This frees up room on your toolbar across the top of your screen and easily allows you to focus on the tools you need at the time.

More Info

You can search for Chrome Extensions in the Google Chrome Store. There are literlaly thousands available, so pace yourself! Some extenstions may require you to sign in to Google Chrome (with a Google account) or authenticate the extension before you can use it.

Stay tuned later this week for more Chrome Extensions!

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