Top 10 diffrences between FFA and Charly

By: Jade Coady

Cover of Charly the movie

1. In the movie, Charly announced at the presentation that the surgery was temporary.

2. In the movie, it is a "love story" but in the book it only briefly mentions this.

3. In the movie, Charly rode a motorcycle and met a lot of women and took substances. Not only is this irrelevant to the story, but it wasn't even in the book.  

4. In the movie, Charly never left, but in the book Charly wanted to get away from everybody he once new and start fresh, so he left.

5. In the movie, Charly forcefully kissed Mrs. Kinnean.

6. In the movie, Mrs. Kinnean has a fiancée.

7. In the movie, when Charly knew he was going to be like his old self again, he started seeing his past life and what he use to be.

8.  In the movie, Charly an Mrs. Kinnean talked a lot about getting married.

9. In the movie, Charly works at a bakery and in the book he works at a factory.

10. In the movie the scene is set in Boston, New York.