South Through Word of Mouth

Southern Colonies By:Kaegan Ewers

Things about Colonies (Introduction)

In the Southern colonies we have the nicest weather. We don't have the cold harsh winters that the Middle and New England colonies have. We can also grow more crops such as cotton.

Map of Southern Countries


The Southern Colonies include Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. If you didn't realize we have the most colonies for each group so you have more space and opportunities to do here.  

Benefits of Climate

Here in the Southern Colonies we have the warmest weather system. Because of this we are able to grow crops much easier than the other colonies. Are main cash crops are rice and tobacco. The weather also lead to longer growing seasons because it wouldn't get too cold for crops to grow. Also our people don't freeze in winter.

Benefits of  the Agriculture

The Southern Colonies can grow crops year round which leads to money. We have three main cash crops. They are indigo,tobacco, and rice. The crops bring animals that we then kill, so we have a good way of getting food.


In the industry part of the southern Colonies we have plantations. These plantations bring a lot of money to our colonies. We have slaves that grow the cash crops such as tobacco. Also we trade slaves. This industry also earns us money because sometimes we sell the slaves for more than we got them for, and as I said before they bring us money in the agriculture area anyway.


In the Southern Colonies we don't really have a certain religion. If you don't want to get judged by your religion then come move with us. You can even not have a religion or you just want to get away from the king and queen. (Most of us don't like him either)

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