Ancient Japan🎌

By: Amber Patch

Japanese cherry blossoms

Japanese in the ancient times were much different then they were today. They had great art, fashion, literature, performing arts, religion, and architecture!


    Fashion was very big in ancient and modern Japan. In ancient Japan they wore silk robes and gold jewelry. Women in ancient Japan would wear long gowns made of 12 layers of colored silk cut and folded to show the layers at once. They also carried fans and umbrellas with elaborate designs such as birds, trees, and flowers.

  Modern fashion still has some of the ancient styles into it. Like the images above the two women still wear the elaborate dresses. The teenagers today wear regular clothing just like we do today. The teen girls dress childlike and feminine and the boys dress like regular boy.


The tale of Genji

    Japan took great care of how they spoke and wrote. Writing was very popular among the nobles, especially the women. Many women wrote diaries and journals about their living styles and what they did. They wrote carefully to Make their journals and diaries look beautiful. Unlike men, women wrote in Japanese instead if Chinese. Due to this, the greatest literature writers were women. One of the greatest known Japanese writer was Lady Murasaki Shikibu who wrote "the tale of Genji". The men would also write but they would mainly do poetry, they wrote in Chinese and spoke in Chinese. Literature was very important to ancient Japan and they used it everyday.

Visual arts

   Visual arts in ancient Japan was one of the most popular art forms of that time period. They had painting, calligraphy, and architecture. Their paintings were bright and bold colors. Calligraphy was a decorative way of writing that the Japanese used to write. They wanted their poetry to look fancy and beautiful.

   Modern arts in Japan today are still bright and bold but it is also more colorful. It has more going on and is crazy. The calligraphy is still used today,the symbols may look different but it is still the same beautiful way of writing.

Performing arts

 Ancient Japanese preforming arts was very special to them. They had musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. They were very wild and fun. a type of drama called non was very popular and it was serious.

  Modern performing arts is still A world wide thing. There are more shows now and they have elaborate costumes. The shows are louder and crazier than they were before. There are more actors and performers and many more types of entertainment!

Buddhism changes

Buddhism was a religion first stared in India that has traveled throughout the world. Japan had an emperor who loved the idea of Buddhism and shared it with his country. It changed when the Japanese made a new form of Buddhism called "zen". Zen is the practice that helps every human being to penetrate to his true self through cross leg sitting, and to vitalize this self in daily life.


  Ancient Japanese architecture was very different than today.they copied Chinese building styles. The buildings had wooden frames that curved slightly upwards. They surrounded the buildings with elegant gardens and ponds.

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