4 Day Weekend

By Student

This is a turkey. I hope we get a turkey this year and a family dinner.

Thanksgiving Day

Unfortunately I didn't realize that today was thanksgiving day. So we did not have turkey or even a family dinner. But, it like this every year.


Today I woke up late, because I stay all night watching movie. I didn't know it was Black Friday. As a result, everyone's left me at home today. By the time I woke up everyone was gone. They went and buy a storage  house and some food to eat.


Today I help my parent build the storage they bought on Friday. It was warm and the snow begin to melt. We work from morning to the time there was star in the sky because we was afraid we won't finish building it.


Today the weather was colder then yesterday, the snow that melt yesterday is now frozen today. This delay our chance to finish building the storage house . AAs a result we didn't finish it today even though we work from morning to dawn.

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