The Spiritual Entrepreneur

*Intelligent& Dependable
*Brutally Honest
*Highly Intuitive
*Spontaneous & Playful
*Passionate & Devoted
* Fun, Trendy, & Fashionable


My Name is Erin,

However, Everyone Calls me Piper..  I am a trend setter that has a creative and soulful ideas that is expressed in the most unconventional ways.. I will put an end to my "single" status for good with the goal of meeting the most compatible partner by using social media avenues to capture him.   I will attract a loyal, honest, open minded, and spiritual person that must be optimistic, entrepreneurial, fun, enthusiastic about life, and loves someone that is a visionary, deeply loving, and devoted soul.  Time is the most precious gift and I intend to spend it with people that have a positive outlook about life and a man that sowed his last wild oats in the hardcore party scene, and likes the idea of growing old with one women someday...

Contact me via video if you like this idea and you would like to meet...

Thank you for reading this post.

Locations..  NYC, Florida, Texas, or Southern California is cool...( I plan on moving in 2014 to warmer climates)  Compatibility is what I am looking for more than location..   With modern technology, a google hang out will help discover if this could be a good fit.    Thank you for your time and viewing this... Enjoy your day..