My Favorite Quotes:

1.We are real only to those who trust.

2.Never give up on what makes you happy

3.When you start thinking a lot about your past, it becomes your present and you can't see your future without it.


1.Fashion is a form of perfection(I think that fashion is not important in a person.The main thing is the soul and inner peace)

5 people from any field that you would like to have dinner with:

1.Dick and Mac McDonald(founders of McDonald's)

2.Lauren Oliver (writer of the novel "Before I Fall")

3.Kate Clapp(videobloger)


5.Gerard Pique(Spanish professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for FCBarcelona and the Spain national team)

I'd like to have dinner with them because some of them are very talented and interesting personalities.I think I'd have learned a lot from them.

My favorite 5 places around the world:

  1. Ferrari park (Dubai)I'd like to visit because it is the largest Ferrari park in the world

2.Diesnayland (Paris)I'd like to visit  beacause it is my dream.

3.Museum of Madame Tussaud(London)I'd like to visit because there are sculptures of celebrities.

4."Tunnel of Love"(Ukraine)I'd like to visit because it is really beautiful place

5.Pink Lake Retba( Senegal)I'd like to visit because it is very unusual lake which contains 40% salt

2 of my favorite books:

"Hello, Nobody"Burley Dougherty

"The Perks of Being a Wallflower"Stephen Chbosky

This books are amazing!Each of the books have an extraordinary story

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