By Jackson Griffin

Why Sci-Fi Is Amazing

Sci-Fi (science fiction) is a scientific fictional story that describes a scenario of the future or past or present which has a villain and hero the villain or hero could be a force or machine, aliens and others.The story's are caused by a scientific experiment or accident that causes a problem to happen.The reason these are so good is because of the possibilities of existence of these scenarios inthe future such as Back To The Future where a teenager goes to the past after seeing his partner die he accidentally goes to the fiftys. The details in these stories are amazing with the facts on the side.There are a lot of different stories that are good such as Superman where this alien's home planet is destroyed and is shipped to earth to protect it from all sorts of dangers. Or the warning of the stories could give you tips if it ever happened in real life or stories of robots like Terminater where smart machines rise against mankind. If you love possibilities of any non natural scenarios these stories are the ones for you.

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