Texas oil project

by coleby booth

The Texas Oil Boom, sometimes called the Gusher Age, was a period of dramatic change and economic growth in the U.S.

the significance of Spindletop and its importance to Texas history

Spindletop in East Texas oil field that produced 80,000 barrels a day changed the country and oil production forever.Its important to Texas history because it set a record of 80,000 barrels a day. also it was the symbol of Texas oil wealth. Spindletop resulted in over drilling after producing more than 17,500,000 barrels a day. But soon the Spindletop oil rig stated to slow down.

how the discovery of oil resources in Texas affected the states economy

because of the oil booms in Texas, Texas was able to sell land for lots of money because of the oil covering the land so farmers were able to sell their land several times what it was originally worth, also because of the growing number of wells at Spindletop it resulted in over drilling. Soon the Spindletop rig started to slow down and was on making 10,000 barrels a day so eventually business had moved to Glades city.

how oil effected the world

Because the oil can get into places it should not be like the ocean or anywhere because that can kill fish or even animals. It also effected the world because oil replaced lumber as the leading Texas industry and oil companies began turning out million of gallons each year. Also oil has an impact on transportation because just think about it the cars trucks and buses you see each day are powered by oil products such as gasoline and diesel.

how the oil boom effected education in Texas

yes oil effected education because if the oil stopped the oil would not of have provide money for the school and if the oil stopped the universiteys would never of have been this good and big of schools today. All of the school became such good schools because of the oil wells because of the oil wells it provided good money for the schools to make them big smart and nice schools.

Products made from petroleum and 10 we use on a daily or weekly basis

plastics, ink, candles, bug killer, tires, crayons, paint, wax paper, shampoo, shoe polish, Vaseline. all of these products are made from petroleum and these are something that you might see or use on a daily basis.

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