Hello, my name is Isabella

My name is Isabella, I am 13 years old and attend Boles Junior High School as a 7th grader. I played basketball and volleyball at Boles. Also I am in all Pre-AP classes and take yearbook, choir, and athletics.

Before i die?

  • Skydive
  • Go on a cruise
  • Visit all 50 States
  • Add a lock to the Love Lock Bridges in Paris
  • Walk behind a waterfall
  • Go on an African Safari
  • Let go of a floating lantern
  • Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Watch the ball drop in Times Square
  • Ride an elephant
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Create a secret family recipe

College/ Future plans

I plan to go to college at one of the six ivy leagues but my number one choice is Yale. I want to go into the medical field and study to become a pediatric surgeon.

Are we there yet?

  • Pyramids of Khafre
  • Paris, France
  • Mexico's ancient ruins
  • Greece
  • Sicily, Italy
  • London, England
  • Grand Canyon
  • Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Pink Beach in Sardinia, Italy
  • Antarctica
  • Heavens trail in Ireland
  • Goa, India
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii
  • Africa
  • The Amazon in South America


I play club volleyball at Texas Advantage Volleyball. I recently tried out and made the 3rd team which is called Molten for the 13's. I play outside/ right side hitter and occasionally play back row. We have tournaments on weekends and the lowest we have ever gotten was 3rd in Gold (gold id the highest bracket).


    1. Music: All types of music
    2. Candy: Sour Punch Straws
    3. Food: Baked Potato
    4. Sport: Volleyball
    5. Color: Blue
    6. Animal: Dogs
    7. Accessory: Ring
    8. TV Show: Gossip Girl
    9. Drink: Coke
    10. Shoe: High Top Converse