Diary of Samantha Smith.   

It's April 11,  1861. My name is Samantha Smith and I'm married to Sam Smith.I am 25 and my husband is 30. We have four children named Nathan Smith who is 6, Scarlet Smith and James Smith who are twins and they are 4, and  Anne who is 3 months.  We are originally from Gettysburg Virginia, but moved to Ripley Ohio. My husband fights for the Union, that is why we had to move from our home in Virginia because we couldn't take the South anymore. My husband and and father were both sent out and I have not been informed where there stationed yet. My mother and father had moved in with us when ever we found out my father and husband had to go the war.

Day 1.

It's April 12, 1861. The weather outside is quiet calm at a temperature of 48. I've been making blankets and fixing up clothing for my family and the men at war. I've been doing school work with the children so they can stay caught up on things even though they aren't able to go to school right now. I make sure my kids are respectful and they know to always be grateful for everything they get. While I'm working with the children my mother is cleaning up the kitchen and getting ready to start dinner. I usually allow my mother to cook, because she always enjoys being able to help out in someway. My mother is def in both ears it's very hard for her to do a lot of things without being able to hear how to do them. Since she is def she didn't get to learn very well, but she has always been able to cook amazing dinners.   

Day 2.

Today is April 13 1861. I sent a letter out to my father today, just making sure that everything is going alright. My father is fighting during the Civil War. The newspaper say that "The Civil War Is Starting To Get Bad." That really worries me, because both my husband and father are fighting there.

Day 3,

Today is April 14, 1861. Today the kids and I went out and started the plant things in our garden. We always make sure to put as many vegetables as we can so we know we will be good for winter. We have about 1/3 of an acre for our garden so it takes many hours to get all the plants in to the holes. With having such a large garden we can give some of the vegetables to the men at war. After we got done with the garden we went over to the chicken coop to see if the chickens have laid any eggs. Having a chicken coop helps not only us, but we can also give some of the eggs and chickens to the men at war. As we got done collecting the eggs, I went over to a little shack we have for the men who have been hurt during battle or if anyone needs a place to stay during or after the war. I always like to be able to help any of the men who are fighting for us during a dreadful battle.

Day 4.

Today is April 15, 1861.I got a letter back today from my father. It's not what I wanted to hear. My husband was shot in the shoulder and is not doing the best. I told my mother, but I'm not sure how to tell my children yet. My father said he most likely isn't going to make it through much longer.  My mother reactions was that I needed to stay strong, and she would be there with me when I tell the children. I've decided not to tell the kids until I find out if he makes it through or not.

Day 5.

Today is April 15 1865. I know I haven't written in this in awhile, but something terrible has happened. I just read the paper and the breaking news is that Abraham Lincoln was killed. This is such a shock to me, I never thought someone could assassinate a president that has done so much for our country. The paper said that the person who assassinated the president was named John Wilkes Booth. It's been five day since the war ended and then something else massive has happened. A big newspaper headlines is said that " The Dead is Done," The president has fought hard for the North to win this war, then someone has to make a bigger devastation right after this terrible war. What more can happen in this world, another war, more deaths. The bad has to stop.     

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