Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

                                                                    Telephone - 1876

Alexander Graham Bell

The significance of the telephone was that it greatly increased the speed of communication. This helped people be informed of information sooner. It let you talk to people over long distances that you couldn't do with out the telephone. It has made today's phones what they are today.

Light Bulb - 1879

Thomas Edison

The significance of the light bulb was that you could see better. With the light bulb people could see in the dark, or better in the light. People could have light for safety so you can see what you are doing so you can prevent yourself  from getting injured. Also, it makes seeing dangers like people and animals easier to see so you can protect yourself.

Typewriter - 1873

Christopher Sholes

The significance of the typewriter was that it increased the efficiency of writing a letter. Instead of writing each word by hand people could just push some keys to write a word. Also, it made it look neater than it being hand written, so it would be easier to see and read. It also set the idea of the modern keyboard to type on a computer.

Phonograph - 1877

Thomas Edison

The significance of the phonograph was that it could record sound. It was the first machine that could do this. Also it can reproduce sound that was recorded so that people could listen to it. It created the base idea of sound playing and recording for the many machines that we use today to play music or record it.

Automatic Dishwasher - 1886

Josephine Cochrane

The significance of the automatic dishwasher was that it could clean dishes efficiently. Also it could clean dishes better to prevent illnesses that could occur from eating off of dirty dishes. I twas easier for people to do dishes. The basic design is used in today's dishwashers, so it heavily influenced how people today do dishes.

Handheld Camera (Kodak) - 1888

George Eastman

The significance of the hand held camera was that it was transportable and convenient. I let people take pictures to save memories of the past, so people don't forget memories. People could take it where they wanted so people could take pictures almost everywhere. It shows the present the past, so the people in today's society can have physical proof of the past. Also, the hand held camera is used today to take pictures, but they have more upgrades.

Gasoline-Powered Automobile - 1893

Frank Duryea
Charles Duryea

The significance of the gasoline-powered automobile is that it increased the speed of transportation. People get places easier and faster using a gasoline-powered automobile. It makes going places more convenient and more safer. It made travel safer because people don't have to stay on the road as long to prevent starvation or robbery. Also, it made traveling long distances more realistic, more efficient, more easier. This gasoline-powered automobile is still very important today because it is the bases of all the other gasoline-powered automobile used today.

Airplane - 1903

Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright

The significance of the airplane was that it made traveling long distance even more efficient. It makes traveling over bodies of water easier, and faster than traveling by boat. It allows people to get to higher altitudes than what they could get before in different places. It could allow people to see and explore more, and new land. Upgraded versions of this airplane are used today for travel.

Air-brake system for railroads

George Westinghouse

The significance of the air-brake system for railroads was that it allowed trains to travel at faster speeds safely. It was able to slow down a train much more efficiently, and made trains more safe. It could allow trains to move faster with more weight because it could stop it. The air-brake system for railroads made all the brakes go at the same to time with one control center. Also, it revolutionized the way trains were used, and how often they were used. It allowed people and cargo to get to places faster and safer.

Sewing Machine - 1846

Elias Howe

The significance of the sewing machine was that it made making clothing much more efficient. People could make clothing much quicker and much easier. It made it easier for people to make them of higher quality in minimal time. Also, it is the basic idea of our current sewing machines today. This is how today we are able to have billions of clothes available to people.

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