Trisha Brown

American Dancer and Choreographer

Trisha studied dance at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

In 1960, Trisha Brown joined a group of dancers and collectively founded Judson Dance Theatre. This group rejected ballet and modern aesthetics and embraced collective creation along with improvisation.

Trisha Brown started her own dance company, Trisha Brown Dance Company, in 1970.

Trisha Brown used pedestrian movements from everyday life, such as walking. Towards the beginning of her career, she used the avant-garde style. Later, she began to use the postmodernist style. At first, she rejected the use of music in her pieces. Later in her career, she began to incorporate the use of classical music.

Some of Brown's more popular pieces are "Walking on the Wall", "Accumulating Pieces", "Roof Piece", "Man Walking Down the Side of a Building", "Spiral", "Locus", "Set and Reset", and "If You Couldn't See Mee."

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