A Wonderful tour of Tartu and Tallinn

Oliver M. Vahar and Valeria Kozlova

Tallinn's TV Tower

The Tallinn TV Tower is a free-standing structure with an observation deck, built to provide better telecommunication services for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics regatta event.

This is Tallinn's TV Tower.

Tallinn's Seaplane Harbour

The Seaplane Harbour (Lennusadam in Estonian) is a maritime museum in Tallinn, Estonia, opened in spring 2012. The museum is part of the Estonian Maritime Museum

This is Tallinn's Seaplane Harbour museum.

Tallinn's Medival Old Town

Tallinn’s medieval Old Town is known around the world for its well-preserved completeness and authentic Hanseatic architecture. Enchanting atmosphere, rich cultural scene, beautiful surroundings and plenty of galleries, cafes and restaurants to choose from: there is something for everyone in Tallinn

University of Tartu

The University of Tartu is a classical university in the city of Tartu, Estonia. University of Tartu is the national university of Estonia; it is the biggest and highest-ranked university in Estonia.

Sculpture of Kissing Students

'The Kissing Students' sculpture and fountain is one of the most recognised symbols of Tartu. A fountain has stood in the same place since 1948, when newlyweds and their guests would visit it for luck, and people would also take a dip in it. The sculpture was created by Mati Karmin and completed in 1998.

Tartu's Medival Old Town

The heart and soul of Tartu is without a doubt the Old Town, a criss-cross of narrow, pedestrian streets that hold the town's most interesting architecture, as well as its biggest concentration of restaurants and pubs. This is the area where a medieval city once stood, but wars and fires, particularly the 'Great Fire' of 1775, wiped out nearly all signs of that version of Tartu.

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