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Good Job Story

I was perfect Saturday morning I had barely got up and my dad had told me that I had a baseball game today. He said it was at 9:30. I got ready very quickly. We were going against the horable Indians. They are pretty good but we, the Tornadoes could beat them.

Once I got ready we took off very quick. It was very exiting trip. We stoped and bought some Gatorades.

We finally got there. First we warmed up so we won't get hurt. After that we played catch. I played catch with my cuzin Javier. Then we had to go to the dugout so we could start the game.

The game flew by and it was the bottom of the 5th inning or the last inning. The bases were loaded and I was up to bat. Then a fastball came hard down the middle and I hit it as hard as I could. It went soaring in the air and it went over the fence. It was a grand slam. With that home run we won the game 14-10. My coaches and everyone else told me good job son. That was my good job story.

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