Grace Fischbach- BGSU CRU Staff
Gracefully Simple- April 2015

Dear Friends,

Here at BGSU, we are winding down on this semester. We have been celebrating the seniors that we are sending off, as well as continuing to welcome new people into our ministry and also into God’s Kingdom!
Last Thursday, I got to meet with a junior girl named Julia. Julia had come to a past Cru, and filled out a connect card, indicating she had questions about her spiritual journey. I met with Julia to see what kinds of questions she had and to help guide her on her journey.
She told me she grew up learning about God, but had since strayed away while she was in college. After attending Cru and hanging out with other Christians in her lie, she wanted to research God and learn more about Him again. She told me she did not know what she believed about Him, but wanted to start with a clean slate. I asked her if it would be okay if I shared with her what Christians believe about God and that she can have a personal relationship with Him. She said she would love to hear what I had to say. So I shared with her God’s love and plan for us, and about Christ’s death and resurrection. After hearing about how she can have a personal relationship with God, Julia accepted Christ!

I am incredibly humbled and grateful that the Lord has allowed me to witness three amazing woman come to know Him this semester. God has poured out much grace and mercy upon me and I give Him all the glory!

Thank you all so much for all of your love, prayer, and support! This could not be possible without each and every one of you!

Much Love and God Bless,

Grace Fischbach

Prayer Requests

-- For Julia. That she would grow exponentially in her walk with the Lord. That she would know His love in a new exciting way!

-- For the students of Bowling Green as they start their summers. Pray the Lord would meet them where they are this summer.

-- For the Gospel of Christ to go forward.

If you have any prayer requests please send them to me at: