Financial Literacy

This is Kasey and this is my Financial Literacy project

i chose to be a veterinarian

my salary is 48,371

My monthly  income is ..............

342.28 monthly. I mulpited my salary by 0.15 then I took my net income (after taxes) and subtrected.


I save ten percent of monthly income .Ten percent of my monthly income is about 342.63 after 6 months I will have 2055.78 and after a year I will have 4111.56. I got my saving by first finding my monthly income wich was 3426.28 then I multiplyed that by 0.10 and I got 342.63. I found my monthly income after six mounths by mulptying my monthly  income six times. I mulptied my monthly income by six  twice or I mulpited my  monthly income by twelvel and thats how I got my yearly income. I am saving just ten persent so I can have some fun money.

My house my  and car pyament

My house payment is 765.00 because I chose the 2 bedroom 2 bath 740  square feet because I couldnt pay for a house but this was the bigest option I could find.I chose the ford fiesta because I could afford it and i didnt want to ride on a motercycle (the killing machine) and I didnt have enough money for the other cars

Grocery List

Milk 2.47




Frozen pizza3.85

Water bottles 24 pack 2.56

Coke 12 pack 3.98



Bread 4.98

Pancake mix 2.00


caned peas2.75

caned beans3.97

caned carrots0.98

vegable oil2.98

pop tarts3.50

orange juice3.88


savings 342.68

housing 765.00

utilties 120.00

car payment 224.00

car insurance 75.00

gas 120.00

grocries 267.68

clothing 100.00

entertainment 25.00

pets 75.00

health insurance 150.00

phone 80.00


fun money 423.98


This project is important because it prepairs us for when we become adults and have to do all the stuff we just also helpes us with our math and we know now how it connects to the real wourld