Parts of a River


     A flat land adjacent to a river channel  That goes underwater when the river floods.

This floodplain is the Zambezi floodplain.
This is the Zambezi floodplain when flooded


         Delta is area formed from sediments deposited at a mouth of a river                                         Mouth is a end of a river.             

This is the Okavango Delta.
This mouth is part of the Elwha river in Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

Water Sheds

Watersheds are an area of high water to low water emptying out to a large body of water.

This image shows all of the faces water goes through(watershed).


Extreme upper reaches of a stream with little sunlight, little nutrients, and little life.

This is the South Santiam watershed.


                                              Between a river and a flood plain.

This is an image of the Horsey Reach.


A divide is the elevated boundary separating areas that are drained by different river systems.(google)

This is the Hshipman divide.


Side river that goes into a river.

This is the Mississppi River and the river's tributaries.


Where water comes from.

This is the sorce of Ganges river

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