have fun

Come to the haunted corn maze. We have the longest corn maze in the midwest with the tallest corn standing at just over 8 feet tall at the shortest point and 15 feet at the tallest point. The goal is not to just make it thru but get pictures with statues of famous cartoon charactures like Spongbob, Johny Test, and casper the ghost. Casper is the hardest one to find but if you find him you get $100 dollars and a chance to win a trip to the haunted resort in cancoon mexico.

*The party starts at 5 and you get turned lose into the maze at 9 sharp

*There will be beanbag tournaments and food too.

*To partisipate as a haunter call Cole at (605) 123 4567

*For more info call Eric at (605) 321 7654

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