(1st-3rd Grade)Caring Classrooms


  • Respect: the most important element in a classroom
  • Show the respect others show you

Exp: When the teacher in class is speaking others shall not speak.

  • Respect begins with getting to know each other
  • Teach the "Sharing is Caring" method
  • Use different grouping strategies

Positive Relationship:

  • The way teachers talk to their students on the first day sets the tone for the rest of the year
  • balance friendliness with authority
  • Get to know your students (it helps them feel valued)

exp: Get to know Every students' name as soon as possible

  • Also help students develop Positive Relationships with others

exp: in elementary school include a lesson on friendship

Student involvement:

  • ask students for idea on how to decorate the classroom

exp: How should i put these posters on the wall?

  • Ask student to help come up with workable solutions for class problems
  • Have students share how they think the class room can improve

Class identity

  • Make sure you classroom seems like a community
  • Make classroom traditions, routines

exp: Have kid say positive things every single morning

  • Work as a team
  • Give everyone a responsibility

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