Today's hectic lifestyle makes many people eat on the run, without paying attention to the quality and the quantity of food they ingest. It's easy to gain a lot of weight when you eat and live like this. Most people realize this when it's already too late, so they try to lose those extra pounds by following restrictive diets or exhausting exercise routines. Some of them succeed for a while, but most often they gain all those pounds back and a few more when their weight loss program is over.

The biggest challenge of any weight loss program is not the program in itself but the maintenance that follows. Anyone can count their calories for a while and refrain from eating unhealthy foods. Unfortunately, humans have only a limited amount of willpower. When it gets depleted, we find it very hard to stay on the right track. Losing weight is one of these challenges which seem simple at a glance but require a lot of determination. It's easy to think you can count your calories and take care to exercise in order to burn more than you eat. However, it is very hard to resist when food cravings start kicking in and when you are surrounded by friends with unhealthy habits.

Counting calories is a good idea. However, in order to maintain your motivation for a long time, you need to do it the smart way. Here's how. Don't ban all those foods you used to like. Try to eat less of them but allow yourself to get spoiled at least once in a while. This will help you resist temptations easier. Moreover, when you choose your exercise, don't go for exhausting routines you can't follow for too long. A brisk walk could allow you to burn enough calories in a day. Even the simple act of standing instead of sitting can help you burn some calories. There is research showing a 150 pound individual can burn about 114 calories per hour just by standing. If you also do some sort of activity, you can burn even more calories per hour. By doing your desk work standing instead of sitting, you can have about 6-8 hours a day in which you burn more than 1,000 calories (Source: TODAY I WILL). This is a very good method for losing a few pound without having to allocate time for exercise in your daily schedule.

If you want to lose weight and also improve your level of fitness, you need to do more than standing. Nonetheless, if fitness is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy slimming down by doing the things you usually do in a day. All you need to to do is to stand instead of sitting while you are doing those things. It works and it doesn't consume your willpower, so you are going to be able to use it for some other challenging activities in your life. If you find it unbelievable, just give it a try for two-three weeks and see it for yourself.


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