Imperialism and American Ideals

By Kate Daniels

Considering these ideals, makes me believe that we, Americans, abandoned our democratic ideals. The major issue that occurred was that we were basically hypocritical. We were telling people in our country that we were “free” and representing ourselves as a democracy and then controlling the territories we invaded, much like a dictatorship. Under that idea, there are other little things that make up America turning into a dictatorship, such as rebelling against equality and diversity.

Equality is more of a choice rather than a law, in this situation, even though it is considered a law. America was encouraging the act of treating others equally no matter who they are but once they became imperialist, that thought was not in mind, Americas treated others from foreign countries with no respect and looked down upon them. All of this was due to us feeling more powerful and in demand, which we were in most cases but it was still not the right thing to do. Since “equality is about giving everybody an equal chance” and that “all men are created equal” than we should stand by our laws and respect everybody.

The quote by William Cowper, "Variety's the very spice of life that give it all its flavor" is the perfect comparison to the concept of diversity. America claims we accept everybody, especially people from all different races but then go ahead and deny their rights and freedom. In places like Japan and Asia, America denied access into the US by holding passports and such so they could not get into our country.

When the United States invaded Hawaii, we were enforcing many laws and tasks, that we Americans, did not even follow ourselves. Assuming we were helping them, we tried to take control of their problems but really they did not actually need our help and we sometimes made the situation worse than it started out to be. We overthrew Hawaii's queen, Queen Liliuokalani, by taking away her power to control her own land. That went against many of our own laws as a country but that did not seem to stop us.

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