NO More Pain No More Hate

Sherman’s Horrible March to Sea

Sherman’s March was cruel. Total warfare is not good. Sherman killed innocent people. He was aware of what he was doing. There was only one thing in his mind and it was to win, over any cost. If he had to he could have killed his army. This march did decrease Sherman’s people. Since they marched for so long and so far away eventually they starved and couldn’t handle the poor conditions they were in. I understand that they needed resources form civilians. The thing is they could have asked without using force. Sherman destroyed many invention leaving the South with no means of defense. Sherman destroyed everything that helped the South win and survived. This left many southerners with no home, no food, and they lost many of their loved ones. Due to this cruel march.

In 1864. The Civil War had a camp specialize for prisoners, it was called Andersonville Prison. The prisoners were in here due to them being caught and using them to know what the opponent’s plan. 45,000 union soldiers were in prisoned, out of all of them 13,000 died form diseases and their bad conditions that they were in. They were trapped in a pen made out of logs. They were bad conditions due to poor transportation and the made economic conditions that their were in the South.

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