Why I appreciate America's Veterans


“Why I Appreciate America’s Veterans”

Things Veterans have done for us, they are unexplainable. Everyday they are willing to give up their life for us. Freedom is what we need, and they are brave enough to fight for it. There is so many scattered tears from friends and family. Why do they have to go through this? Well they go through this because of their hearts. Hearts willing to go out there in danger. America’s Veterans are honorable. The scars are memories for what they did in combat. Veterans are saving lives everyday!

My grandpa Clement Blacksmith was in World War II. He would tell us stories everyday about how it was in war. Sometimes he would cry, because he missed his brothers. “Brothers in combat” ,he would say. So many of them gone for this country. They all shed tears, they may be tears of joy or tears of sadness, but what matters is their honor and what they did to honor our country.

Why I appreciate America’s Veterans.

Veterans are people who serve our country. They become leaders and survivors. Our leaders are loyal, honest, caring, and true. Sacrifice is something they do for this country. This country wouldn’t have freedom if it weren’t for them. We wouldn’t be here buying things, voting, or going to school. If they weren’t here we would be under attack, slaved and have a different leader. It is all to them. My freedom, your freedom, all of our freedom.

Appreciation is a key to success, appreciate everything you have and get. I am very appreciative to the USA. Some people are appreciative but some are not. People who are not appreciative to have freedom, and many other things, should. They should be appreciative because of the Veterans. Veterans are the ones who make this happen. Freedom is tough to get. Many other countries don’t have freedom. That’s why there are wars. The other countries want freedom like the United States. We all should, have freedom.

Why I appreciate America’s Veterans.

America has freedom because of Veterans. Veterans are people who made the United States. They are the ones who brought freedom to this country. The only country that has freedom. The right freedom. And that is why I appreciate America’s Veterans. They are the love,honor, and peace of the world. They brought honor and pride to all of us especially me.

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