Basketball is a very popular game in the united states.

The Basic Rules

Two teams with five players each try to score by shooting a ball through a hoop  10 feet above the ground. The court in divided into two halves. There is also a few point margins of what you can score. There is a three point line witch is the big half circle line out side of the paint and inside of that is worth 2 points. But if you get fouled sometimes you can get one to two shots how many shots you get is up to the refs. Each shot is worth 1 point shooting from the free throw line if you get fouled other wises any shot made under the 3 point line is 2 points even under the basket.

Weight of the basketballs/size

NCAA men's basketballs have a max circumference of 30 inches and with a weight of approximately 22 ounces. NCAA women's basketballs are a max of 29 inches in circumference and with a max weight of 20 ounces. NCAA is college basketball.

Heres a fun Fact

Paul Sturgess is 7’8 he played for the NBA and he is one of the tallest players in the world.

Kansas State

There is the home of the Jayhawks.

Kansas State in my apinion is a very great team at all corners of basketball.

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