Principles/Elements of design

Point: Shows a location of a area, and is the most basic element.

Vertical Lines: these trees go up and down like vertical lines.

Horizontal lines: This duck is sitting in a lake which has horizontal lines going from side to side in it.

Diagonal lines: give the sense of movement, action, and activity.

Curved line: give the sense of freedom and a soothing mood

Color: Hue: base color, Value: lightness or darkness, Saturation: purity or intensity relative to gray.

Value: Shows the level of colors, shades.

Shape: A 2D area enclosed by lines or curves

Form: A 3D volume or solid

Space: Areas between and around parts of an image or the implied depth in that image

Texture: The surface look or feel, there is smooth and rough surfaces.

Balance: The distribution of elements within a design or equal spacing of objects

Emphasis: Used to draw attention to one area

contrast: The degree of relative difference between elements

Rhythm:  Repeated use of line, shape, color, texture or pattern

proportion: The relative size of one object in comparison to another.

Unity: The consistent use of design elements

Economy: Use of the bare minimum of elements

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